Broccoli Soup Recipe Help Please

mumstu, Mar 16, 4:16am
I have a freezer full of frozen broc (plants went kind of crazy this year) want to make a nice soup with lots of broccoli in it plus other veges.Does any one have a nice recipe using broccoli as the base!

Yum tummy rumbling in anticipation

dibble35, Mar 16, 4:50am
I've got a cauli and brocc soup recipe
Cut up cauli and brocc, add a clove garlic, large chopped onion, 2 heaped teaspoons chick stock powder, salt and pepper. Cover with water. Bring to the boil and simmer till cooked (20mins!) Blend and add 300 mls cream, heat gently, is very yummy.

razell, Mar 16, 5:40am
search for broccoli and blue cheese soup - yummy

mumstu, Mar 16, 5:52am
oh yum! sounds scrummy

gasman64, Mar 16, 12:59pm
I would add a potato for thickening myself. Dibble's recipe base sounds fine. Do you have a stick blender! I find them best.

marcs, Mar 16, 1:10pm
Would just add broccoli, potato (just 1 or so), chicken stock. I think thyme goes well with it. Once soft blitz it all up.

mumstu, Mar 16, 9:09pm
I do have a stick blender, so yes I will use that and add the potato, all sounds so yummy.looking forward to dinner already, thanks :o)

mumstu, Mar 17, 8:30pm
Made the soup last night.oh sooooo good.Thank you so much for the recipes :o)

shellie72, Mar 17, 9:12pm
I make this one, but instead of the cream I add a can of cannellini beans and then get out the stick blender. Its insanely delicious :)

kay141, Mar 17, 9:25pm
I save the water from cooking all vegetables except potatoes until I have a certain amount and then freeze it for use later in soup.

jofes, Mar 18, 12:41am
There is a base soup recipe in the Edmonds cook book that you can add any vegetable to. So easy and very tasty with Broccoli

jbsouthland, Mar 18, 3:23am
tis yummy.and easy.

johnb26, Mar 18, 6:24am
Does anyone have a recipe for cauliflower soup! I have made it before but it just wasnt the same as one I hadin a restaurant one day and it was so creamy and beautiful; I have a feeling there was some sort of cheese in it but it wasnt blue vein (I dont eat blue vein cheese!). The texture was amazing, so creamy and yummy! Thanks

tehenga288, Mar 18, 9:04am
Edmonds recipe - can use broccoli or spinach very easy and tasty

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