Pasta bake - cheese and tomato and ...

beth484, Apr 10, 4:14am
Any good pasta bake recipes?

Am thinking tomato and cheese flavour but open to suggestions:)

purplejo, Apr 10, 4:20am
I usually add some savoury mince. If you crush up tortilla chips & mix with grated cheese it makes a nice crunchy topping

barloo, Apr 10, 4:28am
tinned chopped tomatoes in juice, chopped onion, sliced courgettes, mushrooms chopped, green beans, broc, cauli, frozen corn.

Place in deep oven proof dish and mix in 1 tin of water + some, tomato paste (heaps to taste), salt and pepper.

Cover with your fav dry pasta (yes uncooked! )

Pour over the top a thick cheese leek sauce (made with the leek water it was cooked in)

Spread over some grated cheese and bake!

Bake for an hour or so.

beth484, Jan 16, 10:02am
Sounds good thanks,

Might cook up some sausages and put them under too?

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