Coconut cake easy

hugh1, Mar 20, 1:45am
Thought i would share this recipe i found that i used to use for lunch boxs when my kids were at school
2cups self raising flour
2cups coconut
2 cups of milk
1 cup sugar
1tsp vanilla
mix together bake at 160 for about 45 min

ldbaqbeak, Mar 20, 1:54am
Might try that thanks, hubby loves coconut.

gilligee, Mar 20, 1:58am
I have a similar recipe but it has eggs in it.

lindylambchops1, Mar 20, 3:55am
Grated lemon is nice added!

supercook, Mar 20, 4:20am
It's great recipe. Nice with lemon icing or even nicer with lime icing

pp11, Mar 23, 5:54am
That looks very easy, I wonder if it would work in muffin tins!

korbo, Mar 23, 7:18am
yep have same but 2 eggs.put all in mixer and let go for 5 mins.

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