Stuffed up coconut ice

pom-pom, Mar 23, 7:02am
Not quite sure what happened. I make this heaps with my eyes closed and it's never failed before. Right now I have a huge tray of coconut ice which is lovely and hard and set on the top but all the sugar syrup stuff has dropped to the bottom and it is runny and sticky and not set below. It's not going to set ever! Is there a slice or something I could make and glue the good top half of my cocunut ice on top to make it look like it was always supposed to be like this! Need to take this to a school gala tomorrow. Do I just cut my losses and toss it in the bin!!

maximus44, Mar 23, 7:07am
Could you make a shortcake base and "glue" the good part of the coconut ice to it! Just a thought.

winnie231, Mar 23, 8:02am
That was my thought too .
or grab yourself some plain whittakers chocolate . melt, break up the coconut ice & stir through . put spoonfuls on a tray lined with baking paper & leave to set for 'home-style' coconut rough :)

maximus44, Mar 23, 8:45am
That's a good idea winnie231.

pom-pom, Mar 23, 9:15am
Have salvaged it. Made a quick cake and pasted coconut topping on. Shortbread would have been better but I didn't have enough butter! The sticky bit has been mixed with cocoa, raisins and other stuff and rolled into balls! Sorted!

gardie, Mar 23, 7:00pm
Ingenious!Top effort pompom.

dbab, Mar 23, 10:43pm
They do say "Necessity is the mother of invention". Well done on "inventing" 2 new recipes.

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