How much is a stick of butter?

janet66, Apr 2, 3:40am
Just found this receipe for red velvet cake and it says "one stick of butter"!Does anyone know how much this is!Thanks.

elliehen, Apr 2, 3:43am
125gm - one quarter of a 500gm pack.

duckmoon, Apr 2, 5:31am
my pleasure

babytears, Apr 2, 8:46am
Hmmmm. are elliehen and duck moon 1 in the same!

sarahb5, Apr 2, 8:49am
I don't think so . are you!

elliehen, Apr 2, 9:02am
It's sure puzzling me ;)

duckmoon is a friend of yours sarahb5 - I remember reading that she gave your daughter a kitchen appliance of some sort.

Please ask her what she's posting under the influence of ;)

sarahb5, Apr 2, 9:06am
LOL - yes she's a friend - perhaps it was "thanks" in anticipation of some red velvet cake from OP!More likely to be under the influence of children and/or other form of distraction than anything else!

elliehen, Apr 2, 9:12am
That's a reasonable explanation.'Distracting' children can even explain temporary insanity :)

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