Roast Venison

arleneesslemont, Apr 9, 7:31am
I'm Having some friends over tomorow nite, and need any tips on roasting wild venison. any recipes or marinades would be great!

leonie11, Apr 9, 7:48am
we roasted some in oven bag with a glass of red wine and half glass of water was beautiful, needs to be in oven bag as it dries out too much and is fat free

arleneesslemont, Apr 9, 8:02am
Thanks Leonie11, i was thinking about doing that but never done it before so needed a second oppinion. Thank you for that.

donna23, Jan 15, 4:57pm
marinate venison roast in coca-cola (yes! ! ) overnight & roast as normal, absolutely delicious, takes away that really gamey taste and tenderises meat.

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