How garlic peanuts

theboss17, May 10, 7:01am
they cost heeps how do u make them r self

whitehead., May 10, 9:00am
try garlic salt or and garlic powder sprinkled over nuts place nuts on baking paper and cook in a hot oven for 6 to 8 minutes the nuts will brown slightly and they keep cooking after you bring them out of the oven . do not pick them up and put them in your mouth untill they have cooled as they get very hot and they are full of hot peanut oilyou have to try these things out a bit but i cook nuts all the time

whitehead., May 10, 9:03am
you could also roll the nuts before they are cooked in a little oil so the garlic powder sticks . you can also nukethem for 6 minutes and drop them on top of chocolate mix till it melts and spoon onto baking paper to cool chocolate peanuts to die for