No cook Friday - hurrayy!!!

lizab, Apr 8, 11:26pm
Once a week I don't cook - Take Away night :) Will it be fish and chips, burgers, toasted sandwiches, a steak dinner ? ? (Not a heck of a lot of choice where I live in the wopwops - would love an Indian curry, but alas there's only the Cos Club food! )

mallee, Apr 8, 11:36pm
Lizab, why not cook a curry, say next Wednesday, for dinner Friday night. Curries always taste better if left for a day or 2.

uli, Apr 8, 11:42pm
Maybe just take some of your own "take-aways" out of the freezer:

- homemade hamburger patties and home made buns - with lettuce, tomato - whatever is available from the garden ...

- homemade fried fish (takes about 3 minutes in a hot fry pan) and chips form the oven - takes about 40 minutes for peeled sliced potatoes mixed withherbs and spices ...

- steaks - about 3 minutes each side plus 10 minutes resting time - meawhile make your salad to accompany ...

- Indian curry - cook lots one night and freeze in small pottles for when you feel like it :)

And there are lots of stews, salads etc that will take you all of 15 minutes to assemble - so might fall into the category of "NO cook Friday" ...

No need to go all out and spend money for no-nutrient "food" ...

lizab, Apr 9, 12:51am
but I actually leave my kitchen on a Friday which is great, as I spend just about every waking moment in it! ! !

manddtrott, Apr 9, 1:22am
OMG it's not only me who is like that. I wake in the morning thinking yippee one day of not cooking. We order the same thing every Friday night at the pub and it is beautiful. Same boat no other take away places for at least 3/4 hour.

moviebug, Apr 9, 1:25am
Good on you. It's nice to have a break every now and then. When we lived in the country, and we had a young family, I'd love it when we occasionally had fish and chips. Three is so much more variety these days, so enjoy your night off!

teddy147, Apr 9, 2:49am
we in the same vote here to, and yes its my night off as well.

eastie3, Apr 9, 5:42am
Same here, when the kids were still at school Friday was cooks night off. I always looked forward to it too. We usually bought fish and chips, but sometimes Chinese or pizza.

elliehen, Jan 15, 9:01am
Yes, for me 'cook's night off' means not putting a foot in the kitchen - no mess, no fuss, no dishes, no complaints...

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