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jumma1972, Apr 8, 11:27pm
There are ONLY 25 DAYS to have your say.

The Government wants to allow mining in high-value Coromandel conservation areas, and in National Parks. This land presently has 'Schedule 4' protection from mining.

Do you think if National remove 7, 000ha from Schedule 4 that they will stop there?

We have made it very EASY to send a submission.

1. Go here --;submissions. -- for a QUICK ONLINE SUBMISSION. It only takes a minute. Add personal comments if you wish -- recommended or ….

2. Send a more personal, heartfelt, and thoughtful submissions . Download our SUBMISSION GUIDE and post it.;coromandelwatchdog. files. wor pdf

KEY MESSAGE -- send your submission now and get at least 10 others to do it too. Use our online or our pre-printed submission options. It's easy!

Please join our Facebook Group if you believe in protecting NZ's land, sea and sky for future generations: http://is. gd/bkIqR

mallee, Apr 8, 11:30pm
Wrong catagory jumma.

uli, Apr 8, 11:34pm
RECIPE - for success? ? ?

fruitluva2, Apr 9, 12:54am
The govt is going to mine Recipes? ? Lol

cookessentials, Apr 9, 3:04am
whether it is in the recipe section does not really matter, we can all still make a difference as we may not venture into other sections.
Thanks for the link jumma. I have answered your request.

books4nz, Apr 9, 3:08am
Thanks for the links. .

juliewn, Apr 9, 3:11am
Thanks from me too - and for all the work needed to make this possible - good luck.

a_n_h, Apr 9, 4:32am
why did poster #1 feel the need to put this in nearly every catagory? ?

cookessentials, Jan 13, 4:13pm
because not everyone will go into all the categories... does it really matter?

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