Slow cooker or crock pot is there a difference?

moovinup, May 3, 8:23am
I know you lot will be able to advise me and if so what brand is the best!

stretch3, May 3, 8:30am
Hi, to my mind they are the same thing, simply different countrys expression for the same thing. Thanks Dave.

tc47, May 3, 8:35am
Some of the more modern slow cookers are quicker than the old school crockpots, so take that into consideration.

I ended up buying a genuine crockpot (2nd hand off here), as the modern ones are a bit fierce.

lilyfield, May 3, 9:43am
wish I had one of those old Sunbeam crock pots-- the best

vampiriousmist, May 3, 9:51am
Look out for specials - I got one a warehouse this week for 50 bucks - 6.5 litre Akai.

gardie, May 3, 6:32pm
These days they all seem to be slow cookers.Still wish my old crockpot was going - it was far superior.

lyl_guy, May 3, 11:08pm
There is a difference. in my Joan Bishop 'slow cooker cookbook' the times for most things are a bit longer for crockpot. she provides 2 different times for each recipe.Looks like the soups use the same timing, but meat/ chicken, veges etc take between half- one hour longer in a crockpot.

pigletnz25, May 4, 3:56am
Crockpots are slower for sure, I've had one of them and now have a slow cooker, I quite like that I still get the slow cooking but not having to wait as long, as in having to get stuff on earlier etc.Each to thier own I guess, but to me time is the only differnece i've found.

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