Home-made butter

auckland63, Apr 12, 1:27am
Hi all :) Following something I read the other day I made the butter with cream and salt, tastes great and keep it in the fridge. But today read something else that says I'm meant to put the "lump" in cold water, squeeze and rinse under tap water. It says nothing about how long I need to drain before fridge or how long this should keep. Could anyone clarify this for me! Thank you in advance.

cookessentials, Apr 12, 1:36am
I make my own from time to time. Once the butter has formed, you run it under cold running water, using "butter pats"or "hands"which are like flat paddles, with ridges in them ( availble here in NZ) you roll the butter between these, pressing it lightly. This removes any excess buttermilk, which, if not rinsed out can make your butter rancid.
If you Google butter [ats, you should see some images of what they look like.

gardie, Apr 12, 1:37am
"Washing" the butter helps to remove any milk residue so the butter keeps longer.If you are only making sufficient for your needs and use it relatively quickly, I don't see the need for rinsing.

auckland63, Apr 12, 2:15am
Thank you for taking your time :-) I had a little leftover cream so just attempted to make the "rinsed" version. After whipping good 5 minutes with tiny salt, made a ball, dunk in cold water, then tried to rinse under tap water but it all went mush and half disappeared down the drain! ha ha Where did I go wrong! Yes, I only make it enough for family and it should go within a week or so. I don't have a cake mixer so I am excited about using this soft butter from now on - no churning hard butter to cream! ;-D I will google, too. Thanks again.

miri_s, Apr 12, 2:33am
Did it work out to be more economical to make your own OP, rather than shop-bought!

cookessentials, Apr 12, 2:37am
You only need a light trickle of water. if you dont have butter ptas, use two wooden spoons.

falcon-hell, Apr 12, 7:14am
we have heaps of "home made" butter at calving time,my milk vat has a paddle that turns all the time and we get heaps of butter balls,i have scooped them out intending to bake with it,but i think after reading cooksessentials post,i would need those paddles to get the liquid out first.

donnabeth, Apr 12, 8:42pm
I made butter with left over cream too-and ended up with a ball barely big enough for four pieces of toast.
It was a fun thing to try, but not worth the time and effort unless I can get access to a large amount of cheap cream(not likely being a townie)

cookessentials, Apr 12, 10:02pm
We are lucky enough to have friends with an organic farm and two Jersey house cows, so we occasionally get a large pail of Jersey cream.

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