Vegetarian cooking classes?

mattdylan, Apr 12, 11:55pm
Anyone know of any Vegetarian cooking classes! I think it would be a good gift for my sister. Thanks

245sam, Apr 13, 12:44am
A lovely idea for a gift but whereabouts - which city/town!Throughout the country there's a good number of cooking schools plus many High Schools offer a variety of cooking classes, most of which are held in the evening.:-))

mattdylan, Apr 13, 2:39am
I am in Auckland, preferably on the Shore :)

245sam, Apr 13, 3:09am
and is your sister in Auckland too!:-))

245sam, Apr 13, 3:31am
I am not in Auckland but from what I can see there should be some choices for you to make as to where there are/would be classes available for your sistere.g.have a look at:-!gclid=CN2z1vPssK8CFShLpgodzHDeFQ

Hope that helps.:-))

ange164, Apr 13, 4:21am
seventh day adventist churches will somtimes run them. Ring and ask!