best every cup cake recipie please

janet66, Apr 8, 5:38am
I would love to make some cupcakes like you can now buy. Any help

poppy62, Apr 8, 6:22am
There are so many that I wouldnt know where to start! Just dont make them with high Domes (too much baking powder) or when you come to ice them, they will look a little silly. If you are going to do this properly though, I would suggest going to a kitchen ware shop and investing in some decorating things. Powdered food colourings etc. . Just to make them look extra special. I love displaying mine on the cup cake tree - they look awesome.

pam.delilah, Apr 8, 6:35am
on the left hand side of this page type in cupcake in keyword then any time in date posted hit search and it will come up with plenty of past posting of cupcakes

janet66, Jan 11, 5:57pm
thanks so much for that. really good tip to look at past posts, yum anyone want to come and taste try the recipies!

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