Freezing Homemade Pies Bake Before Freezing?

jordy71, Apr 15, 1:58am
Making a potato top pie to freeze. I make mine with a sheet of pastry on the bottom of the pie then putthe mince in then potato on top, so do I need to bake the pie first!

litedelites, Apr 15, 2:46am
Thinks this should be OK to freeze before baking, as long as your pastry is fresh and not frozen.

winnie231, Apr 15, 10:04am
I always bake my pies before freezing . but get them out of the oven when they're cooked but still on the pale side. They'll gain the extra colour & crispness they need on re-warming.
I haven't tried freezing uncooked pies but I imagine the raw pastry could become quite soggy during the thawing process.

nauru, Apr 16, 7:24am
I agree, bake before freezing

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