Chocolate curls

gydy, Apr 8, 2:40am
thinking of decorating a birthday cake with Large choc curls, whats the best way to make these please?

cookessentials, Apr 8, 3:04am
Try this link
this is for thinner ones.
or this youtube one for wider ones v=JriG2xzypN4

pam.delilah, Apr 8, 3:09am
or follow this link cfm? catid=4&thr

me-shell1, Apr 8, 3:13am
melt chock, spread on chopping board & thick leave to set at room temp or a bit softer then with i wide knife pull towards you, should get the hang of the thickness and sise you want.

gydy, Jan 11, 3:40pm
hey thanks, viewed them

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