Slow cooker chicken drumsticks

serious6, Apr 30, 4:56am
please could you tell me how long you cook your drumsticks in the slow cooker!(modern big oval one).
I put them in at 9am with onion, tin of apricots and apricot cooking packet mix. They have now been on auto for 8hrs.

How long should I cook them for!

imn, Apr 30, 5:17am
Mine take about 6 hours to cook. I think yours will be done by now.

deb821, Apr 30, 7:37am
i did a mccormacks slow cooker packet mix with dhicken drumsticks and was spot on at 4 hrs on high

kinna54, Apr 30, 8:45am
I find 4 -5 hrs is enough, otherwise they just go to slop, and often the liquid dries up.

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