just put my banana cake in the oven

poppet0505, Feb 2, 3:16am
hi there , im hoping for a quick response since i have just made a banana cake from the trademe cooks website, but it didnt give a temp or time to cook
i am presuming 180 for say 35 mins as i have put in a ring tin. my question is, when cooking a banana cake, they usually seem to take forever to cook in the middle, while the outside goes overcook. any tips on the temp and time to combat this, fanbake, non fanbake etc.
thanks heaps... . .

doug57, Feb 2, 3:21am
just test with a clean sharp knife to see if it's cooked all the way through. 35 mins sounds about right depending on your oven.

chicco2, Feb 2, 3:30am
A bit late now, but if you find outside getting too well done I would line your tin with baking paper. It may just keep the mix off the hot metal sides and base of the tin.

poppet0505, Jul 23, 6:04pm
will do the baking paper next time, thanks... .

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