Figs stuffed with marscapone

waswoods, Apr 20, 8:19am
Does anyone have a recipe for these please! Yes, I have Googled but would like a recipe using dried figs

waswoods, Apr 28, 3:01am
Anyone please!

elliehen, Apr 28, 3:52am
waswoods, I just put "dried figs with marscapone" into Google and a lot of links came up.

waswoods, Apr 28, 4:35am
Thanks - I saw many of those but they are not quite what I tasted and now want to eat

lilyfield, Apr 28, 5:10am
soak your dried figs in sweet sherry or similar, hollow out the centre a little. Mix some mascarpone to taste with lemon peel, vanilla and sugar and fill
there you are- i just made this up.

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