Black boy peaches.

summer129, Apr 7, 12:59am
can anyone suggest what I can make with them. This is the best crop of them we have had in a few years and usually eat them straight of the tree but have quite a few of them. Any baking ideas would be welcomed. will stew some for over winter.

kran32, Apr 7, 1:03am
I froze 14 bags over the weekend. I just halve them and take the stone out. Great as stewed fruit, a crumble or with the sponge on top as dessert. Lots of recipes for jam and chutney on the Net too. I make jam and chutney through winter by grabbing a few bags out of the freezer, thawing them and doing the wild thing with them!

harrislucinda, Apr 7, 4:02am
makejam, chutneyandstewandfreeze

matt-wgtn, Jan 8, 1:42am
I made a delicious black boy crumble last week. Just a standard crumble topping. Sometimes I cheat and add muesli to the flour/sugar/butter mix if I'm busy.

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