The vege soup diet...

sherylrl, Apr 6, 8:21am
... . where you eat for x amount of days - has all sorts of veges in it including V8 juice. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? ? Can't remember the name of it to google - please help! !

catlover28, Apr 6, 8:33am
Im on a vege soup diet it seems. I like my own soup and take it to work for lunch and I eat it at home.

wildebeest, Apr 6, 9:26am
cabbage soup diet? ? you just boil up a whole bunch of vegs, water and some stock, maybe some tobasco and eat as much as you want!

uli, Apr 6, 9:22pm
If you add some meat then you will not lose too muscle ...

uli, Apr 6, 9:41pm
Ok. I try again then LOL - the computer was faster in sending than me in proof reading :)

Add some meat to your soup so you are not breaking down your own muscle tissue. The soup diet has no protein, so if the body needs protein to repair itself it will start using your muscles for that.

So you might see a nice drop on the scales, but you are not losing fat - you are losing muscle and water.

So add some protein to avoid that trap.

uli, Jan 7, 12:07pm
And that was it?
LOL :)

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