Royal/cream cheese/butter Icing, frosting help!

tarshlove, Mar 23, 7:29am
What's best for what!
Icing for decorating biscuits what is best!
Icing for chocolate cake or cup cakes (different colours) which is best!
Can you use royal for cupcakes!

sikofstuf, Mar 23, 7:43am
Depends on what flavors, yes royal for cookies, (the egg white or meringue powder kind) for cupcakes, I love buttercream or things like butterscotch cream cheese. Nope, not royal icing on cupcakes! Google Wilton, cake ideas etc, for recipes for all!

craig04, Mar 23, 8:29pm
I agree with sikofstuf, royal icing for cookies because it sets really hard and doesn't get smeared around. Butter cream/cream cheese icing for cakes/cupcakes because it spreads/pipes easily and tastes fab. There's also a type of cooked fluffy frosting which I've used for cakes which isn't bad either. Fondant icing for cakes and cupcakes can look really nice too, although I personally HATE the taste of fondant and only ever use it for embellishments, and even then hardly ever because you can pipe perfectly nice flowers and decorations using butter cream/cream cheese icing.

tarshlove, Mar 27, 2:11am
Thanks guys i don't really eat sweet stuff so its hard knowing what icing goes with which flavour cupcakes. Which would you use the cream cheese on ! something like lemon or carot cake cup cakes or just all of them!

sikofstuf, Mar 28, 1:19am
I like cream cheese and white choc icing on carrot cake, or humming bird cake. I also use a yummy butterscotch cream cheese icing on a really nice apple and walnut cake I make- so yummy! I've used lemon cream cheese icing on lemon cupcakes- with a squeeze of lemon, and a bit of mixed spice- they were nice too! It's mix and match- but google for ideas, you get to learn what goes with what. In general, the cream cheese icings seem to go nice with spicy or fruity type flavours- as it has a slight tart taste- for want of a better word- but then, I LOVE cream cheese, so I put it on most things if I can! lol Oh- I recently made a raspberry coke cake, and popped a raspberry drizzle on top, then cream cheese icing, then dehydrated raspberries- that was so damn good, there should have been a law against it! lol

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