Microwave muffin recipes

accroul, Mar 25, 11:19pm
Does anyone have a recipe for muffins cooked in the M/wave please!
Perhaps chocolate or something plain that fruit could be added to.
I remember rather proudly making my own blueberry muffins in the M'wave as a kid & I'd like my kids to have that opportunity too!

darkestangel1, Mar 24, 11:05am
Can you please help with any suggestions and recipes for me please!

accroul, Mar 25, 12:08am
Bloomin' heck, it's taken almost a year to the day for someone to reply to my post & even then, it's a question!

mwood, Mar 25, 12:58am
Muffins are not designed for the Microwave - they lose too much water when cooling and become hard very quickly. The crusting effect in the oven or dedicated cooker helps keep the moisture in making for a better muffin.

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