Recipe...Cake or dessert cake to serve 15 people

dutchygal, Apr 6, 1:06am
need a recipe for a decadent cake or dessert cake to serve 15 people . I need to make the cake today (as I am working all day tomorrow) but its for tomorrow night. I'm sure there is probably already something on here but I dont have time to look !

stasi21, Apr 6, 1:21am
this isnt a cake as such, its a chocolate tart. But its absolutely beatiful. Its very very rich, so you dont need alot. For 15 people I would maybe double the recipe and do it in a large dish. Serve with whipped cream and ice cream. YUM! !

dutchygal, Apr 6, 1:25am
Yummmmmm loks devine !

fishheadsoup, Apr 6, 1:36am
Just double up a recipe that you like!

buzzy110, Apr 6, 2:13am
Mmmm. I must have been doing things wrong because I have never had a success by doubling cakey type recipes unless I cooked them as two separate cakes.

You could double if you were making a fruit pie though, however, fruit pies are not really decadent unless you make your pastry from the yolks and make a meringue from the leftover egg whites. I find that custard type pies (e. g. lemon or chocolate tart) don't turn out so well unless cooked in two separate normal sized pie dishes.

If I feel like really going all out I actually just make my meringue more of a pavlova, cook it separately and put on top of my open top pie.

duckmoon, Apr 6, 3:51am
when I need to serve 15; I would make a
Dana's Chocolate Cake and a Lemon Syrup Cake...
Will look up the recipes for you.

duckmoon, Apr 6, 3:52am

dutchygal, Jan 5, 2:00am
Ohhh yes please for the Lemon Syrup cake recipe

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