smoked fish but not much else

nik144, Apr 5, 11:32pm
I have smoked fish (in the tin), potatoes, onion, flour, milk. A few spices etc. What can I make that is not fish pie. I always have fish pie and would lke something different. I don't have any butter... Thank you for your help.

rog.e, Apr 6, 12:05am
Fish cakes? With mashed potato base, fried onion, a small pinch nutmeg or Mace, an egg or two to bind if you have them. Drain fish, flake and add.
Mix and make well seasoned with salt and pepper as required. . Fry in shallow oil.
Add any chopped chives or parsley you have in the garden.


fruitluva2, Apr 6, 12:28am
Was about to suggest impossible pie but you have no eggs?

susieq9, Apr 6, 12:32am
Fish chowder. Nice on a cool day.

nik144, Apr 6, 11:43pm
whats in the impoissable pie i alo have eggs

kirinesha, Apr 6, 11:52pm
Do you have rice? Kedgeree is always good... .

elliehen, Jan 12, 9:07am
Try this:
SMOKED FISH CHOWDER ( 2 generous servings - can enlarge recipe)
Melt 2 tsp butter
Saute 1 onion finely chopped & 2 sticks celery, diced, with green tops
Add 2 tsp flour, cook 2 mins
Add 1 cup water & stir till thickens
Add 200 gm potatoes, scrubbed and diced
400 gm tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp seed mustard
1 tsp worcester sauce
salt & pepper to taste

Simmer until veges cooked. Lower heat and add smoked fish (100gm chunked) and 1 cup milk. Gently heat through. Add 50 gm grated cheddar and stir. Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Source: Carolyn Gibson, of Auckland's Kiwi Kiss Recipes

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