ideas to cook king fish

packergirl, Apr 5, 11:33pm
hubby went fishing caught a hell good size kingie never cooked it before he had steak it your ideas on cooking it and would like a nice sauce to go with it will be having it with rice would love your help

cookessentials, Apr 5, 11:36pm
I do a nice sweet and sour fish where i cube the fish and roll in a mixture pf flour egg and then breadcrumbs and sesame seeds. I gently fry them in batches and make a sweet and sour sauce ( recipe at home) which has tinned pineapple, onion, ginger etc in it. I serve this with rice.

cottagerose, Apr 6, 8:04am
My husband caught one in the weekend too and he filletted it like normal fish and we cooked in flour, egg and breadcrumbs.
He said to cook as you would schnapper etc

susieq9, Jan 6, 6:01am
I usually smoke the kingfish. Comes out lovely and moist.

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