Cooking chocolate

pumpin_telstar, Mar 24, 11:39pm
I have a block of cooking chocolate, what could i bake/make with it! Thanks

red.ness, Mar 25, 4:23am
Anyone!I have two blocks to use and have been wondering the same, thanks :)

lyingnun, Mar 25, 4:35am
Melt it and use it in a chocolate cake recipe in place of the cocoa. Also reduce the butter a little.
You could make a delicious chocolate cheesecake.

pumpin_telstar, Mar 25, 5:00am
chocolate cheesecake sounds yummy! do u have a recipe for it!

makespacenow, Mar 25, 5:05am
depends on what sort you have.what much cocoa%.

baalamb, Mar 25, 7:41am
I also remember seeing someone (possibly Nigella!) making hot chocolate drink, using solid chocolate.

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