Paleo ??? Does anyone here eat this way?

mandy1968, Feb 1, 10:19pm
Is it sustainable? Any hints or tips from your own experience? Do you find it beneficial to your health/weight?

accroul, Feb 1, 11:23pm
I don't know any Paleo eaters in here, but I do that cloudberry is a Primal eater. Paleo & Primal (imo) are similar but Paleo would be stricter.
I can't really say any more as I don't have the experience (am a low carber & primal wannabe). Low carb has certainly helped my weight and health issues though.

You're welcome to pop into the low carb thread sometime - cloudberry posts there from time to time too.

buzzy110, Feb 1, 11:36pm

Take a look at this video and you will see that paleo is not that difficult.

bedazzledjewels, Feb 2, 3:56am
Yes, I follow Paleo/Primal.
Join us in the Low Carb thread.
Check out these 2 blogs - Free the Animal -
Mark's Daily Apple -

bedazzledjewels, Feb 2, 3:57am
Oh and a good NZ one -
Link: http://darwinstable.

cloudberry, 2 days, 10 hours
It's not that difficult but I prefer the Primal way of eating because it gives a bit more wriggle room. I like my coffee, tea, and a glass of wine now and then, all excluded in the Paleo lifestyle. Primal and Paleo are based on the same principles - eat like your ancestors did before the advent of farming. Paleo people restrict sat fats for instance, (though their stance on these is softening) - Primal doesn't. Paleo excludes dairy - Primal lets you decide if you want to include it. I do. Darwinstable and Free the animal are good Paleo sites, Mark's Daily Apple is the good word for the Primal Blueprint.

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