Freezing Cooked Stuffed Peppers

franny8, Mar 2, 11:54pm
Does anyone know if you can do this successfully!I often used to make these but I lost my husband so find cooking for one is difficult.I have tried to halve the recipe but would need to half it again for just me.I make them and reheat the night but would be great if I could make the full recipe and freeze.Thanks in advance.

245sam, Mar 3, 12:23am
franny8, sorry to read of the loss of your husband.I haven't had that experience nor have I tried freezing cooked stuffed peppers but I have frozen both raw and char-grilled peppers and IMO they don't freeze well although they are ok where the peppers can be included in a recipe/dish rather than be presented in their intact state.:-))

fisher, Mar 3, 1:35am
I fry pork mincewith onions, fine chopped garlic and herbs from the garden , mainly sage. and then stuff it into whole capsicums that have had the lid cut off/out and cleaned inside. Into oven under grill till nicely softened. Magic with rice and turmeric and peas added and stirred thru on the side.
You can freeze the pork mince you dont use for next time but the capsicums will be mushy if frozen.
You can add steamed sliced cabbage and ginger to the pork mince if you wish mixing all with a drizzle of light soy sauce.

lurtz, Mar 3, 2:03am
I have frozen cooked stuffed peppers successfully. I partially cook the topped and de-seeded peppers, and cool them slightly.I then stuff with a mixture of wholemeal breadcrumbs, grated parmesan, finely chopped tomato and red onion, and fresh herbs. I then add salt and black pepper , although a mixture of red and black pepper is nice also. I combine to make a moist and tasty mixture. If necessary I add more herbs or seasoning. Then I top each pepper with a lid of sliced Edam, or another cheese, and bake in the oven for about twenty minutes. I tend not to time things, so I can't give you an accurate time for cooking. With peppers, when I think they are done,I quickly insert a sharp knife into the middle of the pepper and if the blade comes out piping hot, then I am happy.If I am going to freeze them, I wait until they are cooled completey ( generally after a time in the fridge) then feeze them.

I am sorry about the loss of your husband franny8. I imagine it is hard adjusting to cooking for one. Warmest thoughts to you.

franny8, Mar 3, 6:38am
Thank you all, think I might give it a go as recipe sounds a lot like yours lurtz.Thank you also for your kinds words, it has been a very hard time losing my best friend and everyone keeps telling me time will heal.I am sure it will but early days yet.Thanks again.

guest, Mar 22, 9:50am
Freeze dried bloodworms are OK, but i defniantly recommend frozen. Freeze drying food takes away some of the nutrients and freezing something takes not nutrients. You can also feed them shrimp pellets occasionally. I even feed mine frozen beefheart, that stuff is really good for them. They will eat flakes if thats all you have. Mine really likes brine shrimp or a shrimp medley mix. I feed mine minnows that i buy and freeze. I buy about 30-50 per time and throw a few live ones in the aquarium for it to eat, then i freeze the rest and use them until im out. Dont use minnows until its atleast a year old so that it is big enough unless you dont mind ripping up the minnows into smazller chunks. I use such a variety of foods so that i dont run out so fast.For a recap, feed your ghost knife brine shrimp, shrimp medley, shrimp pellets, frozen bloodworm, frozen beefheart, flakes, and minnows.experience

guest, Mar 23, 4:18am
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