Granulated sugar is it just ordinary sugar. ?

jbsouthland, Feb 29, 6:28pm
I have a lovelyrecipe for Lemon Sugar Cookies .saysto use granulated sugar and have had two different opinions as to what that is.I guess sugar is sugar at the end of the day, butwith mybelow average baking skillsevery tiphelps.TIA=)

jbsouthland, Feb 29, 6:59pm
Thank you .my darling mum told me it wasn't.

cookessentials, Feb 29, 9:26pm
yes it is and superfine is caster sugar and powdered sugar is icing sugar.

elliehen, Feb 29, 9:29pm
And if you come across 'confectioner's sugar' in a US recipe, that is icing sugar.

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