Vanilla Cake please!

murdoc4, Feb 29, 7:29am
I need a moist vanilla cake recipe for tomorrow please!I have done a searchon the left hand side but to no avail.!

suzanna, Feb 29, 8:05am
If you search 'butter cake' on the left hand side you will find a few to choose from.

shop-a-holic, Feb 29, 8:51am
If you search on Nigellas Love Buns, which is the same as her cupcake recipe, bake the entire batter, instead of dividing it. Yum!

245sam, Feb 29, 8:56am
murdoc4, do you have any yoghurt!If so I recommend the following recipe for a very quick, easy-to-make and really moist cake.

YOGHURT CAKE - well tried and tested - a nice moist cake that also freezes really well.
You need 1 washed empty 125ml yoghurt container.

Place all the following in a mixing bowl in the order given:
3 x 125ml containers self-raising flour
2 x 125ml containers caster sugar
1 x 125ml yoghurt of choice – plain or fruity (apricot is really nice)
1 x 125ml container cooking oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 eggs, beaten

Beat all together until smooth, then bake.
in a 20cm diameter cake tin at 160ºC for approximately 1½ hours
in a 20cm diameter ring tin at 160ºC for 1 hour, or until golden.
Ice if you wish but is nice as is. :-))

murdoc4, Mar 4, 10:57am
Yum, sounds good will try this week 245sam!Made a ground almond and vanilla cake for the wedding cake - was good and moist.

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