Epic chocolate cake fail.

mydebe, Feb 26, 6:54am
So I tried a new chocolate cake recipe tonight for kids lunches etc tomorrow but it has fallen apart, crumbled and stuck to the bottom of the cake tin etc. Not to worry, another one in the oven as we speak. The original tastes great but is in a million pieces. Being a person who hates waste I was wondering if anyone has suggestions around what I could do with the failed cake!

craig04, Feb 26, 6:55am
Serve it up as a pudding with icecream and a rich chocolate sauce

southerngurl, Feb 26, 6:56am
truffle balls! roll into balls and dip in choc!

poppysinger2, Feb 26, 8:28am
Chocolate and raspberry trifle!

cgvl, Feb 26, 9:32am
chocolate trifle or tiramasu.
or serve with custard as is.

k.b.moss, Feb 28, 5:42am
i'd make cake pops, make some buttercream icing to the crumbed cake. roll into balls. harden in freezer, add a ice cream stick and dip in chocolate, our families fav

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