Can you make mustard sauce

karyn10, Apr 5, 2:50am
like you use for amercian hotdogs? Does any1 know if there is a easy recipe or just go down to the shop & buy? thank you

marsnvenus, Apr 5, 3:13am
1 egg, 1/4c sugar, 1Tbsp flour, 1 tsp mustard powder, 1 cup of liquor from the corned beef (or water) 1/4 cup vinegar. Beat egg & sugar, add flour, mustard, pepper & salt then sit in the liquids. Cook until mixture thickens.

jag5, Apr 5, 7:46am
marsnvenus... that is the one for corned beef... . not American Hot dogs.

karyn10... . . google for a recipe... I am sure you will find heaps. Otherwise, I would try a mayonnaise, with a bit of prepared mustard powder stirred through.

duckmoon, Jan 3, 5:57pm
You can purchase mustard powder, and then make it up with water...

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