Freezing Cauliflower

freds69, Apr 4, 11:21pm
Can this be done and if so how do you do it please? I have several caulis ready in garden at once and don't want to waste them. TIA

cookessentials, Apr 4, 11:23pm
yes, just blanch the florets first, then into freezer bags, removing air, twist tie and freeze.

cookessentials, Apr 4, 11:28pm
To blanch

get a big pot of water boiling on the stove ( I use a stock pot)
set aside a large bowl filled with cold water and a lot of ice
prepare your vegetables by washing them and cutting them to the size you think you’ll want for cooking later
drop the vegetables quickly into the boiling water. If you can, it is great to use a wire basket or heat-proof mesh bag so you can get the vegetables out easily, and keep the water boiling for the next lot
set your timer for the number of minutes needed (generally between one and ten)
when the time is up, quickly remove the vegetables from the pot and plunge them into the iced water. This will halt the cooking process quickly, and stop the vegetables getting overcooked. Leave them in for the same length of time that you cooked them for.
Cauliflower florets take about three minutes.

harrislucinda, Apr 4, 11:36pm

freds69, Apr 4, 11:52pm
Thanks so much for the help.

krazy_kat, Apr 5, 12:29am
I always reccommend laying on trays to freeze prior to bagging as this makes it much easier to free flow.

samanya, Apr 5, 5:51am
#3 . . I'm interested in the frozen end product . . does it come out soggy when thawed?
Any special tips for cooking frozen cauliflower?

cookessentials, Apr 5, 7:01am
No, it is only cooked for three minutes, and then plunged into the icy water. Cook it as you normally would ( steaming is always nice)
You can actually cook it from frozen.

jag5, Apr 5, 7:44am
I cook mine from frozen, but not for too long, or it will go to mush. Cooked properly, no one knows the difference between fresh and frozen.

I feel a craving coming on... . I haven't had cauli for ages... heaps in the freezer, and broccoli too.

bellus_sybarite, Apr 5, 7:51am
Does same apply with broccoli ?

outoftheboxnz, Apr 5, 9:23pm
I have been given a large bag of carrots... . . can the same be done for these to freeze? and how long would you blanch them for? Cheers

babytears, Apr 5, 10:43pm
No wonder my beautiful freshly cut and vacuumed packed cauli and broccolli came out completely rubbery and fowl - I thought I was doing the right thing by vacuum packing - but no!

malcovy, Jan 5, 11:11am
I was told by a reliable source that raw cauliflower can be frozen with no taste loss or texture loss. BOLLOCKS, as I found out. The smell of cooking unblanched frozen cauliflower is up there with tripe whilst it is being cooked. Always blanch.

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