My plum conserve quite tart?

darlingmole, Feb 12, 1:23am
will this mellow over age!And I don't think I boiled it long enough because it moves around in the jar (not that this has put my locust children off!)

darlingmole, Feb 12, 6:50am
bumping because I'd like others experience on this one please

pom-pom, Feb 12, 7:16am
How much sugar did you use! It should be kilo for kilo - 1 kg fruit to 1 kg sugar. I made mine very tart on purpose because I like it that way - I used half the sugar and boiled it for ages (about 45 mins) It has set very well and tastes great if you like it not so sweet but very plummy!

beaker59, Feb 13, 10:14pm
I don't think cooking time matters for tartness that is more about maturity of fruit and sugar content personally I add as little sugar as possible but then I do like them a bit tarty ;)

elliehen, Feb 14, 6:16am
You could use it as a vanilla ice-cream topping.

deus701, Feb 15, 3:50am
hot caramel sauce to serve

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