White pudding recipe?

otterhound, Feb 8, 2:02am
I ate white pudding (as well as black pudding) when I was in Ireland and loved it.Have never seen it available here, but asked our butcher if he'd make it if I provided a recipe and he said sure, he'd give it a go.Does anyone have a good recipe for it please!Would love to be able to have it again.TIA=)

maximus44, Feb 8, 2:22am
Google - Gordon Smart's Haggis Hatchery. I have had haggis and white pudding from him a few years ago. He will courier it for you. He is based north of Auckland. Not sure where you are but you might like to have a look anyway.

otterhound, Feb 8, 2:38am
Thaks maximus - I have googled it and it seems there's a Scottish version which is suet based, and an Irish version which has ground pork in it.I'm guessing the stuff I ate was Irish.Will check out Gordon Smart though=)

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