Hot Chocolate makers

mrsessie, Feb 6, 11:15pm
Hi, Has anyone bought one of these! I have seen them at Harvey Norman for around $70 and wondered whether it is worth the money. We currently use one of those battery handheld frothers (around $15) but would love to make yummy hot chocolates at home.

kiwitel, Feb 6, 11:21pm
I have one and when it worked it was great. It heated the mixture and then it frothed it- easy. Now it does not heat but the frother works. I got it from someone who hardly used it- and I did not use it that much before it broke- but we did not have a receipt and not sure how long the warranty would have been for. So now have to heat the milk etc. in the microwave and then froth it in the machine- hence I do not use it any more. My hand pump does just as good a job if not better. It was disappointing- maybe thats rare.

coreblimey, Feb 7, 1:28am
I had one for a while and it does make a beauty hot choccie.However, as previous poster, it quit heating the milk whilst continuing to froth.Bummer :(

deus701, Feb 7, 1:55am
I would get a coffee machine around $150 with a milk frother

wizardoo, Feb 7, 2:44am
same as kiwitel and coreblimey but twice took the 1st one back under warranty and got another one and it did the same.

vintagekitty, Feb 7, 2:59am
I use the coffee machine milk frother to heat milk to mix with drinking chocolate then froth up the milk for the top. To be extra decadent, I sprinkle with chocolate and mini choc fish.

carlos57, Feb 7, 5:22am
We were given a hot chocolate maker, and it was fun, but it was also a bit of a pain, because some family members were lactose free at the time. This meant that I seemed to spend a lot of time cleaning the jug between batches. Seem to remember that parts of it were awkward to clean properly. In the end we had the same problem with it no longer heating. I wasn't entirely sad to see it go - one less gadget on the bench!

mrsessie, Feb 7, 6:41am
Thanks everyone. Sounds like I will be best to hold on to my money for now. Quite like the idea of a coffee machine - but that is more money so will have to look into it. Looks like my little hand held frother will be staying for a while.

trinoxy, Feb 8, 6:32am
Hi, I have a hot choccie maker and i love it.just like a cafe makes.yum!

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