Wanted damson plum recipes please

dealz4all, Feb 6, 4:12am
Wanted all your damson plum recipes please many thanks

elliehen, Feb 6, 4:43am
This original old recipe was copied from a handwritten recipe book dated July 8th 1796 loaned by Isel Park Museum to the Nelson Native Forests Action Council.


Gather the goosenberrys when full grown, but not ripe - put them in a jar, & then into a kettle of Water to Coddle until they are soft - rub them through a fine sieve - To a pound of the pulp add one Pound of Sugar Pounded & sifted - the white of one Egg, beat it with a whisk two hours - have some paper moulds ready - fill them and set them in a Warm place to Dry gently - then take off the paper, & keep them in a dry place - the same Biscuits may be made of the Large White Plums or Damsons.

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