9 jars of red plum jam

dbab, Feb 5, 1:30am
sitting on my bench. I love hearing the cellophane covers crackling as it cools down. It is such a lovely colour.

lindylambchops1, Feb 5, 1:46am
Oh you lucky thing.My neighbour used to let me pick their plums but we moved from there in September & I am so thinking about those plums now.Just opened a jar of plum jam at lunch time which I made from their last lot of plums.Enjoy!

dbab, Feb 5, 1:51am
I'm actually feeding my son's dogs while they are away and the plum tree over the back fence is laden. No one is living there at the moment, and we could reach the plums easily. Seemed a waste to let them all rot on the ground.

angela74, Feb 5, 6:37am
I made some last week.Think I will make some more as I ate 1/4 of the jar with a teaspoon!

momma1, Feb 5, 8:34pm
hi dbab i live in putaruru and make jam for the local foodbank. free plums would help :)

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