My plum jam never set.Any sugestions

theoldknitwit, Jan 30, 10:44am
on what I should do please!

greg.n.michelle, Jan 30, 10:48am
put it back in the pot and cook it more tomorrow till its how you know it should be.

agnes8, Jan 30, 10:51am
Bring it to the boil again and add a little lemon juice or you can buy Jam setting agent from the supermarket. Were the plums too ripe!
A knob of butter added to the jam when you have finished cooking it gets rid of the fluffy stuff on top and around the edges in the pan then let it cool a little before putting into the sterilised warm jars. Good luck.

agnes8, Jan 30, 10:53am
oops, forgot to add, best to test that it will set by dropping a small teaspoonful onto a saucer of cold water and if it gels nicely it is done.

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