Plum variety for sauce?

iriegirl, Jan 30, 2:47am
Is there a "best type" for sauce! What do you use/recommend! TIA :o)

samsnan, Jan 30, 3:42am
I try and use any red right through kind. Dont be fooled by really red skin cause lots will be yellow inside. I think you can use them also but the sauce probably wont be a nice rich red colour.

novices, Jan 30, 4:06am
I have just made up 3kgs and used the light plums.The sauce a lovely red colour

pickles7, Jan 30, 5:11am
Any colour really if the plums need to be used. If you are buying the plums dark red makes a better colour.

pickles7, Jan 30, 5:14am
Plum Sauce .[ yellow fleshed plums ]
I am cutting back a bit on the sugar in my recipes, I felt this was as low as I could have gone with this recipe.

6 X 750mil wine bottles of sauce.

3.5 kg of plums. .
I have added
3 litres of vinegar [ cider or malt ]
3 cm grated fresh ginger
1 kg of brown sugar
2 Tbsp sea salt
2 tsp gr. mace
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp gr. cloves
5 tsp gr all spice
It tastes ok right now, I am not going to add anything else until it has simmered for 1&1/2 hours, and has been through the mouli.

iriegirl, Jan 30, 6:56am
Thanks pickles, next questions were going to be about the yield and I was wanting to cut down on the sugar too!

grobertson101, Jan 30, 9:02am
damson plums. hard to find but well worth it, my mother swore by them.*remembers fish and chips with plum sauce as a kid, nothing better!

lythande1, Jan 30, 6:02pm
There sure is. Black Doris.

gerry64, Jan 30, 10:32pm
I normally use black doris but this year I had a quantity of the cross between plum/apricot -pluots or something like that given to me- made it with oriental seasonings and it is very nice indeed

greerg, Jan 31, 8:00am
Omega are excellent sauce plums - a lovely dark red colour.

bev00, Jan 31, 10:22am
Billingtons are lovely red plums which keep their colour well when cooked.
Theyre an early plum so possibly finished fruiting by now.

katalin2, Jan 31, 11:07am
Basically you can make great plum sauce out of any kind of plums- as long as you make it spicy enough. We have 5 different kinds of plums and all make good sauce. Just use whatever you have access to.

iriegirl, Feb 1, 2:14am
Thanks to you all for your help and input, just one other question, can I use white vinegar to make my sauce! or does if have to be malt!

davidt4, Feb 1, 2:41am
I think white vinegar might be a bit harsh.As far as I know it is mainly used for cleaning.

iriegirl, Feb 15, 1:24am
Bumping for actiongirl1

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