Roast Lamb Cooking Time - Confirmation please

toadfish, Jan 30, 1:38am
Afternoon lovely people.
I am cooking a 2.4Kg boned (And in a net) leg of lamb.
I want to have it cooked "Medium"
I have googled and I think I am going to cook it at 160 fan for 2 hours and then say rest for 15 mins.
Does that sound about right to all you "Roast Lamb experts"

shop-a-holic, Jan 30, 1:56am
Just my way: No more than two hours. Your temp is right. I cook mine at 330F which is roughly 160C. Wrap in four layers of foil and rest for 45mins-1hour.
Yum. Where's the invite!

toadfish, Jan 30, 3:01am
Mmmmmm Wellington to Auckland. will be long gone by the time you get here lol.
Thanks for that all in the oven to eat about 6.15pm.

mikew, Jan 30, 8:23pm
Do you cover with tin foil to cook then add 3 more to rest!

shop-a-holic, Jan 30, 9:12pm
I generally cook uncovered, and then add the four layers when it comes out of the oven. I transfer the protein to another dish as you invariably require the roasting dish to make a gravy. I'll also place it ontop of a chopping board, as I have granite tops. Stone absorbs energy at a rapid rate.
Any protein continues to cook after being in the oven, so it requires insulation for a period, before muscle starts to relax.It will stay hot :-)

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