How to use a chocolate mould?

mattdylan, Jan 26, 8:09pm
I want to create my own little chocolates to give to people, how do I use a chocolate mould! Do I jsut melt chocolate into them! Are they hard to get out! Thanks

cookessentials, Jan 26, 8:37pm
Depends on the mould and it's quality. Some people use a small brush and "paint" the inside of the mould with melted choc first, wait for it to set and then add the rest. Silicone moulds work very well. Some just pour into each mould using a lipped jug ( obviously the finer the lip, the better, often a small stainless steel jug ( like you use for frothing coffee) is a good alternative.

prawn_whiskas, Jan 26, 8:42pm
The correct way to do it is to temper the chocolate so when it sets it retracts from the sides of the mould it self, it also leaves a very shiny finish on the end product.

makespacenow, Jan 26, 11:06pm
Use silicone chocolate moulds.they just pop out so easy my kids make their own.

raewyn64, Jan 26, 11:13pm
after you pour the melted chocolate into the moulds give them a few gentle taps on the benchtop to burp them and get the air bubbles out.
Then just let them to harden - if you have a cool place that isn't the fridge it is better. Also when melting chocolate make sure you don't get any water or steam in the chocolate.
If you want to do a dual colour then you could melt a little white chocolate and get a paint brush and paint the inside of the mould, let it set and then pour the darker chocolate on top.

daleaway, Jan 26, 11:54pm
After you wash them, don't use them again until they are 100% dry.

Who learned the hard way that this causes a bloom on the chocolate!

prawn_whiskas, Jan 27, 12:15am
The incorrect temperature (melt) is what causes the chocolate to bloom, you are activating the wrong fat crystal at the wrong temperature.Happens often when people over heat their chocolate and don't temper correctly.

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