Meat balls sticking in the pan

jhan, Jan 25, 4:05am
Does anyone know of a fix for this! It's not a non-stick pan and I don't flour them usually, though I have done in the past and they still stick if I remember rightly.

margyr, Jan 25, 4:10am
the non stick must of worn out in your pan, line it with baking paper.

poppy62, Jan 25, 4:36am
I just give them a quick brown in the pan and then bung them in the oven to finish off.

malcovy, Jan 25, 4:41am
Have your meatballs all rolled and sitting on a plate and your pan sizzling hot.Add oil to pan and start putting in meatballs and shake pan so meatballs are moving.Do this until all meatballs are brown and not sticking, then lower heat to finish cooking.

pickles7, Jan 25, 4:54am
turn up the heat.

beastie3, Jan 25, 4:54am
Why bother frying! Throw them in the oven they will brown beautifully.leaves you free to make the sauce.

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