Why is my chocolate icing gritty?!? HELP!

clark.bellamy, Jan 11, 3:36am
Can icing sugar go off! I make chocolate icing the same way as my mum (icing sugar, hot water, cocoa and a dab of butter) but mine comes out gritty - is it possible that my icing sugar is off!

elliehen, Jan 11, 4:09am
Do you sift the icing sugar and cocoa together!

gardie, Jan 11, 5:35am
There are some cheaper brands of icing sugar that are not smooth - the sugar is not powdery - rather grainy.Could this be your problem.To make my chocolate icing I melt about 25 g butter in the microwave and immediately stir in the cocoa powder (to taste)I then put in about 1 1/2 cups icing sugar and mix it adding really hot water until its the right consistency.It goes quite fudgy and is delicious. I prefer it to chocolate on eclairs.

clark.bellamy, Jan 11, 7:37am
yes i sift the icing sugar together elliehen, will try it your way gardie, thanks for your help :)

kob, Jan 11, 8:04am
i have found pams cocoa and icing sugar shocking but if you sifted it and it still happened I dont know why that would of been

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