Plum Chutney

beaver51, Jan 10, 9:47am
I am looking for an easy plum chutney recipe please.

elliehen, Jan 10, 9:52am
Sauce, not chutney, but it might be useful!

elliehen, Jan 10, 9:56am
Aunt Daisy's Plum Chutney
6lbs plums.3lbs apples.3lb onions.2lb sugar.1/4lb salt.1 level teaspoon pepper.1 level teaspoon mustard.3 cups vinegar.a small piece of garlic cut finely.1 dessertspoon each of allspice, pickling spices, 1/2 lb each of dates and raisins and preserved ginger.Peel core and quarter apples, cut onions fine. Boil plums in vinegar, put through sieve. Add apples, onions,and other ingredients, stir well, and boil 2 hours. Have ginger chopped and spices in a muslin bag. Remove before bottling.

From an earlier thread - a reposting by 245sam.

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