Need new food ideas for tea - assistance

courtney2004, Jan 7, 3:07am
Anyone got any ideas! I am worn out of ideas especaially with these quakes we have been having. Thinking we have a bit of Fish fillets (frozen) in the freezer! and all other meat is frozen also. Had Corn Chowder last night which was yum with a sprinkle of curry in it but just not in a correct frame of mind for thinking what we are going to have for tea could have potatoes roasted etc so all options there.

ant_sonja, Jan 7, 3:17am
You could cook your fish filets in the oven, wrapped up in tin foil parcels, add a knob of butter, some herbs, salt/pepper. Easy and so yum, plus minimal clean up :-) You can also add chopped capsicum or tomato to the fish.

rainrain1, Jan 7, 4:26am
make pizza

shop-a-holic, Jan 7, 4:40am
Fried Segg!Yum.

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