Need to start eating anyone!

chappo6, Jan 3, 11:53pm
hi, this year i am wanting to start eating healthy but don't want it to cost a heap. does anyone know of any cheap recipes that are easy to make and not heaps expensive for lunch (at work) and tea meals.


buzzy110, Jan 4, 12:10am
The Woman's Day magazine has a section entitled Everyday Extra - Feed A Family Of 4 For Under $15. The meals in this section (set out Monday - Friday) are considered healthy by today's standards and are definitely cheap.

sarahb5, Jan 4, 1:01am
Try the Healthy Food Guide website - heaps of ideas on there for all sorts of dietary and budgetary requirements and they're easy to follow too

uli, Jan 4, 5:28am
Define "healthy" first. Everybody here thinks "healthy" is something different. So what is "healthy":

Is it low fat!
Is it low carb!
Is it high protein!
Is it low protein!

Then the recipes will start rolling in :)

davidt4, Jan 4, 5:59am
It might be that the original poster just wants to move on from processed food, in which case anything made from scratch would be healthier.

Perhaps the OP can give us a bit more detail, and, as you say, recipes will start rolling in.

jmonster, Jan 4, 6:14am
I am on the same buzz at the moment and am trying to include as many veges as possible as well as protein at every meal.
Omelettes are fairly cheap and you can chuck tomatoes and herbs in as well as any leftovers.
We have loads of salads as well with rissoles, or salads with cooled left over meat like chicken or beef sliced up.
Try and stay away from packaged stuff and drink loads of water.

scarlettnz, Jan 4, 6:18am
I'll chime in to second the recommendation for The Healthy Food website.I used to subscribe to the magazines.They have a great range of easy, quick, affordable recipes which taste great and are healthy.

ant_sonja, Jan 4, 6:28am
I think the simplest thing to do to at least start eating healthier is to make a massive Salad every day and fill at least half you dinner/lunch plate with that so its like the base of your dinner. Doesn't have to be expensive, think seasonal veggies and leafy greens, cabbage red&white, thinly sliced carrot, onion.all simple stuff really. Add meat of your choice or Fish (tinned is ok) and other seafood too. Make your own vinaigrette/s and dressings with olive oil, lemon juice and mustard or balsamic vinegar.For breakfast, eggs are fantastic and filling too or a big bowl of Yogurt (plain) with some fresh fruit. Stay away from processed foods, go easy on the carbs (sugars) and cook from scratch :-)

figjamto, Jan 4, 6:53am
Would agree with above, last year I cut out adding sugar to tea and coffee, and have very very little bread and potatoes and dairy. Have nothing processed or out of a package. I have based my diet on "The Caveman Power Diet" .(look up on google). in essence do not eat anything a Caveman/women would not very little during the day, with a main meal (feast) at night.sounds a bit radical at first, but your body gets used to it.and the best part is that you lose weight if that is your aim, as well as making you eat has been working for hope this helps

chappo6, Jan 4, 7:10am
hey everyone thanks for your comments sorry have been relaxing in the sun at the pond all day! umm healthy as in I want to join the gym but eat well in order to see results (im not overweight or under weight - just abit of a podgy stomach which i think bad eating is doing). at the moment my partner doesn't really eat veges - except spuds and will eat cabbage etc in coleslaw so i don't eat much veges. We eat alot of mince & chicken like nachos, pasta bake, spag bol we have butter chicken chicken nibbles, kebabs roast chick every sunday. I'm thinking more steak and salads kind of thing - i'm young and don't know how to cook alot :(

thanks everyone!

smileeah, Jan 4, 7:25am
Steak and salad is a good start. I like to add sundried tomatoes, olives and feta to a green salad for a nice change. Most meat and 3 veg meals without potatoes would work I'd say.

gardie, Jan 4, 7:37am
Last night's "come dine with me" contestant (TV1) was on the caveman diet and had all the others joining in with him.Certainly something to think about.

motorbo, Jan 4, 7:46am
make everything from stratch no processed foods, have a good balance of all foods but make veges the star .porridge is a great breaky and cheap as, in summer you can use the oats and some apple juice to roast them slowly in the oven to make museli, lunchs are always good as leftovers from dinner or maybe eggs and veges,,,i like to make a vege slice with courgettes and eggs and onions and maybe a wee bit of cheese on top, with a salad on the side.mostly enjoy and have fun creating a new healthier lifestyle

miri_s, Jan 4, 9:32am
You might find some useful recipes and info here:

The bbc also has sections for specific dietary requirements.

lythande1, Jan 4, 5:59pm
Like corn, peas, tomatoes, carrots, all tropical fruit, bananas, chickens.

wellygoggles, Jan 4, 6:22pm
The idiot on Come Dine with me wasn't interested in the Paleolithic diet, he just liked dressing up lol

bedazzledjewels, Jan 4, 6:46pm
There's a Paleo thread over in Health.

frances1266, Jan 4, 6:51pm
I will bump up the vegetarian thread for you.Heaps of tasty and cheap recipes there.

uli, Jan 4, 11:02pm
I would give you the link to the "whole 30" - but they are re-doing their website at present, it would definitely be a good start at "healthy" eating, and if you stick to it for the 30 days you will have gotten into a good routine.

melindra, Jan 5, 4:31am
Hi.Good on you for trying to eat healthier!:-)I tend to go to the markets on the weekend and stock up on fresh vegetables, it's a lot cheaper than the supermarket or green grocer!I'm a big fan of salads and stir fries, be creative, there's a lot more you can put in these than the standard ingredients.For instance I make a salad with spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, dried apricots, and sliced raw mushrooms.I am not a fan of dressings so I just don't eat em but I'm sure people here have some good ideas!Sometimes I add feta cheese, crutons or peanuts depending on what mood I'm in.:-)I also find soya sauce and a little honey makes a brilliant Stir Fry sauce.Good luck!

uli, Jan 5, 4:38am

chappo6, Jan 5, 9:04am
thank you all for your comments and links - they are a big help!