How do I cook Rainbow Trout?

tahnasha, Mar 31, 2:53am
I've only had it once but never cooked it.

When I had it, I'm sure it was cooked in the oven in tin foil, and the inside was stuff with a breadcrumb mixture.

How do I recreate this does anyone know?

horse30, Mar 31, 2:57am
as far as I know in infoil in the roasting dish with a bit of water, my grandad used to do it that way but sorry dont know how long for ! ! ! goodluck

herself, Mar 31, 3:53am
Have a look at the trout recipes here tahnasha php? f=24&t=760

oh_hunnihunni, Mar 31, 4:05am
I used to put lemon slices and fresh herbs inside, along with a good herb salt and pepper (it needs it! ) and cook wrapped in either baking paper or foil in a medium oven for about half an hour, then check it. Over cooking is not recommended.

I tried to avoid cooking the things though. Imo the only way to eat rainbows is bottled. Brownies too for that matter. Bottling is really easy, and it elevates trout from mudfish to a close relative of the best salmon...

beaker59, Dec 20, 5:50pm
So how do we bottle trout Hunni? :)

If you get a really fat rainbow then a really surprisingly good way to eat it is as Sushimi. Slice thinly, a bit of soy, wasabi or similar and down the hatch.

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