Help I tried heating cream and adding chocolate to

hyborn, Mar 31, 12:38am
make easter treats but they havent set I thought I could do it this way - wanted to get it sorted as my son wants to make some treats - could I gently reheat and add some melted kremelta to help set it? Darn thought it would work - not sure what I did wrong

griffo4, Mar 31, 12:44am
lf you add more choc it should set it depends on how much cream you put in.
You could add a flavour to it and make it into a filling and start again with the chocolate only for the coating
l usually just make choc eggs in those trays using straight chocolate
Good luck

hyborn, Mar 31, 12:47am
I had put them in little paper patties in the fridge so can i tip them in to bowl and gently reheat and add more chocolate do you think? really annoying think I did 1/2cup cream 1 cup chocolate maybe should of done more chocolate?

chicco2, Mar 31, 1:54am
Definately more chocolate. It helps to have both ingredients at a similar temp. Warm your original ingredients and add the melted choc. Keep stirring and allow to set a little depending on what you want to do with it.

hyborn, Mar 31, 4:54am
thanks chicco2 now Ill have to take them out of the paper cases dam! ! thinking I might just scrape out and put on pudding this time, my son tried the thick cream 1/3 c with 1 cup chocolate and I think it was about 60grms of kermelta so hope that works, (would that be a good amount of kermelta do you think? I know we could use straight chocolate but just trying something different.

charli08, Mar 31, 10:30am
If you rewarm it and add some more melted chocolate and stir until smooth, then refrigerate until stiff. Roll in to very small balls and either roll in cocoa to make truffles, or smaller balls to make fillings for filled molded chocolates.

hyborn, Mar 31, 7:39pm
thanks charli08 will try that - but today my girl is having puppies so dont think I will get to it better head out to her again thanks all

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