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redfire5, Sep 9, 12:23am
Ok, I have not read the hole thread but am sold, I am sick of feeling yuk, I am going to try CO, am about to order my first lot.Can someone give me a quick run down on when and how to use it.I will study up on the thread and net this weekend as well

uli, Sep 9, 2:02am
You are really best to start on page1 and go from there - if you still have questions later - let us know :) Good luck!

spot20, Sep 14, 4:14am
Have heard its supposed to be good stuff? ?

beaker59, Sep 14, 4:29am
nice for massage very nice

pootang1, Sep 14, 4:46am
yes My dad cooks with it all the time. He replaces it where you would normally use cooking oil. Makes everything taste delicious. I would cook with it too but its a little expensive.

morrello1, Sep 14, 9:02am
... . . I used it when I was an anti candida diet a few years ago(still have the jar in the cupboard I think) as it's was supposed to help that. It's saturated fat though(as strange as that seems) so I'm reluctant to use it now, hence it's still in my cupboard I guess.

uli, Sep 14, 9:31am
morrello1 do you realize that your body will make lots more saturated fat out of "spare" carbohydrates than you could ever eat in your diet? So either you exerciseregularly (= at least twice a day) or you never eat any carbs again ...

accroul, Sep 14, 11:30pm
Whilst coconut oil IS a saturated fat, it is digested differently than other fats. Animal fats and vegetable fats are broken down in the intestine, but Coconut oil is broken down in the stomach whichputs less strain on the pancreatic enzymes and digestive enzymes and there fore easier to digest. Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides whereas most other fats/oils have Long chain triglycerides and. Next to coconut oil & palm oils, breast milk is the richest source of medium chain triglycerides. Unhealthy? I think not. You could ditch every other fat and use coconut oil and be doing your body a favour. Read further here: http://en.

bedazzledjewels, Sep 15, 12:07am
Bring on the saturated fat - and the coconut oil! I don't use mine for cooking because it's expensive and I don't want to waste a drop. So I add a spoonful to my hot drinks.

buzzy110, Sep 15, 2:36am
No uli. Very few people realise that eating fats does not actually translate into fat in your body unless of course they are hydrogenated fats, which are unnatural and the body has no mechanism for dealing with or trans-fats. Hardly anyone knows that carbohydrates from refined grains and sugar plus even the low glycemic carbs are where our body gets that fat to lay down on our bones. You are fighting a losing battle by trying to tell them because they won't listen. Not even Doctors will listen.

buzzy110, Sep 15, 2:38am
In fact uli. I have to go to Christchurch for some days from Thursday, but when I get back maybe we could start a thread about fats and carbohydrates and try and educate people. We will see just how much interest it gets. I think it will sink like the proverbial stone but you never know. If only one person sits up and listens we will have done some good.

bedazzledjewels, Sep 15, 4:19am
Can't wait for your thread Buzzy It's incredible how much nutritional pseudo science gets accepted as fact. You'll get support from those of us in the low carb threads.

cheylitz, Sep 15, 5:33am
Coconut Fat / Oil I was collecting some goodies the other day and the client arrived home and carried in two jars of something white. Being curious I asked and it was Coconut oil / fat for cooking. Her husband had high cholesterol and since using that it has dropped way down. She had got it from the Health Shop. I had forgot until I saw this thread, will go and try some now.

cloudberry, Sep 15, 7:14am
Coconut oil is wonderful. I cook with it sometimes (my dinner is frying in it as I type! ) and I would use it all the time if I could afford it. I have been known to eat it by the spoonful from the jar.

spot20, Sep 15, 7:26am
Woww Im out to get some tomorrow - whats the proteinshake recipe with coconut oil? ? anyone know? ? do you need to use much and does it really flavour your food with coconut? ?

bedazzledjewels, Sep 15, 7:32am
Actually I'm not so sure it'll work in protein shakes because it is solid at normal to cool temperatures. I use coconut cream in my protein shakes and add coconut oil to hot things like drinks. I tried it in a shake but it stayed solid.

uli, Sep 22, 6:23am
buzzy - have you actually started the thread about fats and carbohydrates to try and educate people? I went into a thread in General not long ago where indigo1 was rubbishing everybody as to not being scientific - however when I asked her for an opinion on some scientific factsthat I found (which were very contrary to hers - I think she works as a heart attack nurse or something similar) then she said : "what do you want me to say ... "I will look if I find the the thread again - it had lots of good info - hopefully it didn't fall off into the abbyss by now :)

winnie15, Sep 22, 7:06am
I cook in coconut oil I have only just started using it after being educated about eating unprocessed foods from sherryeltons nz website . . it tastes yummy too! ! so does butter! and cream!

racheee, Sep 22, 9:37am
Mix the coconut oil in a little warm water before adding to a smoothie or other drink. I make a smoothie with raw milk, banana, coconut oil, blackstrap molasses and cod liver oil for my toddler son and it tastes fantastic!

racheee, Sep 22, 9:39am
Forgot to add yoghurt to the list! And sometime soon some Butter Oil which goes really well with the Cod Liver Oil.

danielvds, Sep 22, 11:01am
At last A coconut oil thread. I started a thread yesterday asking if anyone in Christchruch knows of a good supplier as I'm now hooked on it and I'm having difficulty replenishing my supply. I started recently using the deoderised organic coconut oil and I love it as it doesnt add the coconut flavour to dishes that you don't want it to.

danielvds, Sep 22, 11:17am
Has anyone tried making a 1/2 butter 1/2 coconut oil mix as a spread. I have been considering making this using the deoderised coconut oil but want the butter flavour.

winnie15, Sep 22, 11:38am
this website is really informative it also mentions down towards the bottom of the page about using deoderised coconut , he doesn't recommend it

janny3, Sep 22, 1:47pm
rancid? Bought some coconut oil for frying b/c of Mercola & anti-candida stuff etc etc. $5 for a 750 ml bottle from Indian grocery & veg stores. It was YUCKY & must've been rancid b/c it RUINED my normally lovely kumara & taro chips. Ended up using it to help get my fires burning.

danielvds, Sep 22, 9:21pm
The jar that I have is organic dodorized made by Chantal organics. It states that it is a cold extracted organically grown virgin coconut oil that has been vacuum deodorized at low heat to remove the strong coconut odour. I wonder if this is ok or I should be using the undeodorized one.

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